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BeMaxx Fitness Resistance Bands Set Review

I have reviewed a few sets of resistance bands over the past couple of weeks and I have to say these are in a different league. A league all of their own. Instead of being the standard loop bands these offer so much more versatility and many more training options.

Firstly, they come in their own storage bag which is really handy to keep tidy in the home gym or to transport with you if you are working out elsewhere.

BeMaxx Fitness Resistance Bands Set - Review - Health & Fitness

The following items are included in the resistance bands set.

2 x Padded Handles With Quick Release Metal Clips
2 x Ankle Straps With Quick Release Metal Clips
1 x Door Anchor Which Is Non Slip
5 x Resistance Bands
1 x Instruction Leaflet

The resistance levels of the bands are as follows:

Yellow = 5 lbs (very light)
Green = 10 lbs (light)
Red = 20 lbs (medium)
Blue = 30 lbs (heavy)
Black = 40 lbs (very heavy)

My husband is currently doing the P90X program and has been trying to get me involved for a while. I have been apprehensive as personally I am unable to lift heavy weight due to a health problem. When this band set arrived the first thing my husband said was I now have no excuse not to do the P90X training as these bands are perfect for the modified exercises involved as an alternative to using heavy weight.

BeMaxx Fitness Resistance Bands Set - Review - Health & Fitness

BeMaxx Fitness Resistance Bands Set – Review – Health & Fitness

I have to say upon using these I was thoroughly impressed. The quality is extremely high and I do not feel that they are going to snap when in use. It is recommended that you do not stretch them over 3 times the original length though.

The great things about these is aside from being able to use them for the P90X program is that these resistance bands provide a full body workout across most if not all muscle groups quite easily and simply.

Personally, I feel using my own natural resistance alongside these bands is more beneficial for me than free weights.

The beauty of these bands is that as I am growing stronger I will be able to stack more than one band on the handles at once. So although the max band resistance is 40lbs potentially I can make this over 70lbs by stacking the bands.

In addition you are emailed a 23 page e-book which provides in depth information on how to use the resistance bands effectively, and how to fix the door anchor safely and securely. The e-book also provides some basic training tips and a range of exercises to work out all major muscle groups.

All in all this BeMaxx Fitness Resistance Bands Set is fantastic. They are of a premium quality and feel and I am confident that they will last. Backed by a 100% lifetime hassle free money back guarantee you can’t go wrong.

10 Total Score

Premium quality and feel, backed by a 100% lifetime hassle free money back guarantee you can't go wrong.

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BeMaxx Fitness Resistance Bands Set

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