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REALACC JJRC H36 Mini Quadcopter Drone

With a multitude of quadcopters available on the market incorporating on board cameras, VR headsets accessories etc, making the right decision can be both overwhelming and expensive for the more novice user. The REALACC JJRC H36 Quadcopter is perfect for many reasons, great for kids and adults ...

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AUKEY Portable 21W Wireless Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

Firstly, it has taken me almost three weeks to write this review, not because I couldn't find anything to say but purely because everytime I turned on the Aukey Wireless Bluetooth Speaker / PA Machine I channeled my inner superstar and sung to my hearts content entertaining myself and distressing ...

Drones / QuadcoptersElectronics & Computing
AUKEY Mohawk Drone

The Mohawk by Aukey is a mid-size quadcopter which due to its size is perfectly suited for outdoor use. During the initial practice period of getting used to its controls, it can be a little tricky to fly a drone if you have never done so before. Presentation is key, and here Aukey delivers. In ...

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IMECIG G3 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Packaging for most is usually overlooked, whilst for others it sets the tone for the overall user experience of an item. Here the IMECIG G3 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit delivers. Upon opening the IMECIG box you are greeted with the sleek design looks of the G3. Available in various colours ...

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EVANPO T95Z Plus Android 6.0 TV Box

From the moment I received this box and opened the packaging I was impressed, aesthetically it is the best looking Android Box that I have tried and whilst using it I soon realised it was also the fastest I had used to date. This box has set a new bar for me. The hexagonal shape and ...

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AUKEY Aluminium 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub

With so many devices being USB powered nowadays and what seems like an ever shrinking amount of USB ports being attached to devices like laptops etc, USB hubs are fast becoming a necessity for most people. After testing a few hubs recently this 4 Port USB Hub from Aukey is definitely one that ...

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I found out the hard way the consequences of not having a dash cam in my car when it came to proving who was at fault in a recent accident. In addition nowadays there are so many stories about people crashing into you on purpose in my opinion dash cams are no longer a nice to have but a necessity ...