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AUKEY Portable 21W Wireless Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

Firstly, it has taken me almost three weeks to write this review, not because I couldn't find anything to say but purely because everytime I turned on the Aukey Wireless Bluetooth Speaker / PA Machine I channeled my inner superstar and sung to my hearts content entertaining myself and distressing ...

Vtin Cuber Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

I really like this little Vtin Cuber Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. Its small, bright, portable and certainly lets you now it is around. I was surprised at the size of the speaker it definitely is small but trust me do not let the size fool you. Linking to Bluetooth was simple enough by ...

Uber Audio 12W Bluetooth Speaker Review

This Bluetooth speaker comes in a really high quality clear and black hard plastic presentation box. It is presented exceptionally well and I would not hesitate in purchasing this Bluetooth speaker as a gift. Upon opening the presentation box which slips off from the back you are presented ...