Category: Skin Care
New Body Essentials Exfoliating Bath Body Brush

Having only recently started body brushing I have only tried one brush before this set. With the previous brush I could not use it on my face or neck area as it was too harsh for my skin. Now this New Body Essentials Exfoliating Bath Body Brush set came really we presented with details of ...

Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Raw Organic Coconut Oil Review

Wow... what more can be said. Having never used coconut oil before for anything. I have excema on my hands and didn't want to use any chemical creams from the doctors. I did a little research online and I read quite a few people recommended coconut oil for this, especially Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Raw ...

InstaNatural Scar Removal Cream Review

First off as with all InstaNatural products that I have used this Scar Cream is cruelty free which is fantastic. Made from high quality ingredients that include Almond Oil and Vitamin E I wasn't disappointed by the quality of the product. The Scar Cream states that it will fade scars old and ...