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Vansky 2M LED TV Lighting Strip

Having seen the TV's you can buy with the lights at the back I have always wondered what the big deal was. Not having realised before that this feature is used to help combat eye strain, whilst making the TV's contrast appear better, blacks appearing more black etc - Now knowing this I feel that I ...

Aglaia LED Dimmable Desk Lamp With Touch-Sensitive Controls

If you are like myself, whilst you are at home or the office you may find that the main lighting in you work area is usually either too bright for comfort, or in an awkward position for your needs. With a multitude of different lighting features available on the market, desk lamps are usually the ...

Aglaia Glass Aroma Diffuser

From the moment the eco friendly packaging was opened on the Aglaia BE-A4 Glass Aroma Diffuser you could just tell that this was going to be something special.

AUKEY Aroma Diffuser 500ML

Aroma Diffusers offer many benefits when used in a home. One of the biggest for me is the ability to fragrance a home with nothing but water and natural aromatherapy oils. No chemicals, perfect for parents, pet owners and anyone just wanting something a little more natural.

Kealive 12-inch Colour Changing LED Outdoor Solar Light

Lighting whether in the home or garden can do many things. It can create a mood, highlight a feature or even just light the way. With outdoor living making a dramatic impact on how we use our gardens the importance of great outdoor lighting and features has never been more desired. This is where ...

AUKEY Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser 500ML

The Aukey BE-A5 Aroma Diffuser has a lot to shout about. From its 500ml tank capacity right through to the 24 month warranty this diffuser is definitely one to be considered. My first impressions of this diffuser was that I liked the way it had been designed differently to most others that had ...

VicTsing LED Solar Motion Sensor Wall Lights 4 Pack

Prior to the arrival of this pack of 4 solar lights I didn't have very high expectations. Having reviewed a couple of different solar lights over the past few weeks my thoughts were set. Poor working hours, long charging times - the list goes on. I can happily say that having used these now for a ...

InnoGear Glass Essential Oil Diffuser With LED Lights

I really love essential oil diffusers and use them all the time. When I received this one from Innogear I was pleasantly surprised at its high quality. The diffusers I have tried in the past have mainly been of plastic construction this one has a really nice frosted glass top...