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About Review Route

Welcome to Review Route your free resource to real reviews from real reviewers.

Here at Review Route we understand the importance of having honest opinions from other purchasers or product testers as we regularly read reviews on the purchases that we make ourselves.

Our main aim is to provide consumers with a place that they can trust for a real review on their journey to making a purchase decision.

We aim to review only the highest quality products which is why you will rarely find a low rated review on the site as we research all of the products that we feature before we review them. What you can be guaranteed of is that all of the opinions expressed on the website are our own as well as being honest and reliable and are by no way influenced by the manufacturers and vendors.

We are open to reviewing many products and if you would like us to review any of your products or if you would like us to try and review a product that you are considering purchasing please contact us and we will certainly do our best to oblige.

To confirm the reviewers at Review Route receive no payment for the reviews that we write however should you decide to click through to any of the third party vendors for example Amazon and purchase the item we may receive a small commission.