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AUKEY Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser 500ML

9.5 Total Score

Fantastic 500ml tank capacity, variable mists and a really nice design with solid construction.

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My first impressions of this diffuser was that I liked the way it had been designed differently to most others that had been tried and tested here. It kind of provided reminders of chimineas in garden with the spout for the fragrance mist. Which when accompanied with the colour changing LED lighting provided a really nice ambience to a darkened room.

The Aukey BE-A5 Aroma Diffuser has a lot to shout about. From its 500ml tank capacity right through to the 24 month warranty this diffuser is definitely one to be considered.

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Providing everything you need to get started diffusing with the exception of the oil (we recommend Art Naturals Essential Oils – click here to read our review) you are supplied with the ultrasonic diffuser, measuring cup, power adaptor and instruction manual all neatly packaged in recyclable packaging.

The build quality of this diffuser is exceptional. Solid in construction and with a built to last feel. Well, if Aukey are providing a 24 month warranty they need to make them last that long at least.

AUKEY Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser 500ML

Using this diffuser is extremely simple. If you have never used one before you will be amazed by its simplicity and if you have you will not even need the instructions although it is always recommended to read them. To get started you simply remove both the outer and inner lids on the diffuser add the 500ml water and some droplets of your favourite essential oil.

Depending on the oil used in a diffuser of this size we would recommend about 10 droplets but then again this is a personal preference. You can add more or less depending on the strength of the aroma you wish to achieve. The aromatic mist has two operating speeds low and high. Low mist is set at default, however this can easily be changed by pressing the mist button.

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AUKEY Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser 500ML

The mood lighting on this diffuser blends and rotates through seven different colours. You can set the light to remain on one colour simply by pressing the light button again once it is already on. The colours that can be selected are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. When the colours are in rotation the various shades of the colours are displayed therefore allowing a soft subtle transition through the colour spectrum. As well as providing a nice ambience to a room it can also be used as a nightlight.

AUKEY Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser 500ML

AUKEY Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser 500ML

Lastly, the timer. Although the unit has an auto shut off safety built in for when the water level is low, the timer is perfect for those that don’t want a constant mist throughout the day. With the ability to set the diffuser for either one, three or six hours. Personally, a constant mist is preferred. The large tank capacity provides many hours of misting. The 500ml capacity easily mists for approximately ten hours. This will be more than sufficient for most people and probably one of the longest lasting diffusers tried here.

Overall, this is a really good diffuser. Fantastic tank capacity, variable mists and a really nice design and solid construction. Coupled with the 24 month guarantee this Aroma Diffuser From Aukey comes highly recommended.

AUKEY Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser 500ML