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AUKEY Mini Smartphone Tripod Mount

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Perfect for close up product photography or simply shooting some stunning time lapse pieces.

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Have you ever been in the situation that you are trying to take the perfect photo? Whether it’s for social media, to showcase a product or simply for your own personal use and you just can’t keep the camera or phone steady enough so you get blur. Where a simple click of the button ends up as 30 photos and only one is up to par. Well, if you have experienced this I understand the pain and Aukey has solved the problem with this tripod.

This tripod is small enough to fit in a large pocket or small bag but strong and sturdy enough to easily support a DSLR camera and standard lens. Also supplied with an adjustable phone holder this tripod can support your phone to get that perfect shot.

Having tried a few of these table top tripods I have found in the past that others that I have tried have been unable to support the weight of my DSLR camera or the flexible nature of some of them means they easily move out of place or bend and lose their positioning. This is not the case with this one.

AUKEY Mini Tripod Mount

This mini tripod from Aukey provides everything you need to get your camera lined up in the perfect position for those stable or close up shots.

A wrist strap is attached to the head of the tripod for easy carrying. A small spirit level is also included on the tripod head to ensure your shots are perfectly straight if required.

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Using this tripod couldn’t be simpler. Simply screw off the cap at the top of the tripod and attach your camera. If you are using your phone as your camera attach the adjustable phone holder in the same way you would attach the camera and secure your phone into place.

AUKEY Mini Tripod Mount

This tripod was a winner for me from the get go. Although made predominantly from strong plastic the build quality of this tripod is evident. Feeling nice and light in hand don’t be fooled into thinking that it can’t hold the weight of your equipment because it can.

The adjustable tripod head means you can position your camera / phone across a wide spectrum of angles assisting you in getting the perfect shot.

At the bottom of each leg is a rubber foot to secure the tripod from slipping when in use. These rubber feet give you that additional piece of mind.

AUKEY Mini Tripod Mount

AUKEY Mini Tripod Mount

This tripod can be useful to so many people depending on what you would use it for. Perfect for close up product photography or supporting your camera / phone for a vlog or simply shoot some stunning time lapse pieces.

The build quality as with all products experienced from Aukey is high for the price and the standard 2 year warranty that Aukey provides means it’s built to last.

This tripod has really impressed me. The only downside for me is that I didn’t discover it before.

AUKEY Mini Tripod Mount