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AUKEY Mohawk Drone Quadcopter

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Cool features, simple construction and intuitive controls the Mohawk is so easy to pick up and play which is always a good thing.

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The Mohawk by Aukey is a mid-size quadcopter which due to its size is perfectly suited for outdoor use. During the initial practice period of getting used to its controls, it can be a little tricky to fly a drone if you have never done so before.

Presentation is key, and here Aukey delivers. In the box you’ll find the “Mohawk” drone along with a rechargeable battery and USB charge cable. Also the remote control for the drone and a screwdriver for any repairs or adjustments you would like to make. Extra propellers are supplied as the blades on the Mohawk are replaceable – and respectably comes with a second pair just in case.

Written instructions are provided and also a warranty card – which seems to be standard with all Aukey products.

The drone has a 780 mAh removable battery, which slips in and out of the little carriage at the bottom of the Mohawk and plugs into it when ready to go. The battery can be easily charged by connecting it to the supplied cable but an adaptor will be needed, you should already have one that came with your mobile phone.

AUKEY Mohawk Drone Quadcopter

Taking only about an hour to fully charge the Aukey Mohawk will give you approximately 10 minutes of flying time for your trouble which isn’t bad but can be over before you know it. Luckily it charges up quickly enough so the balance between charge times and battery usage is not bad.

Looking at the build, the body of the Mohawk is made of a glossy black plastic with contrasting multi colour propeller blades on each side. Once turned on there is a red led tail light for easy direction identification during flight, with bright red and green LED lights on each arm making the Mohawk easy to see on night flights which is always a bonus. Aesthetically, the Aukey Mohawk isn’t much to write home about, it does the job and that’s what’s important – Right…

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AUKEY Mohawk Drone Quadcopter

With a 4 channel 2.4Ghz remote control that has a 390ft flight range from the drone, it is here that the Aukey Mohawk shines. Pairing the remote to the drone would be the first mode of practice and is easily done by pulling down on the throttle then pushing up. An audible beep indicates pairing is complete.

Using 4 AA batteries, the remote control is feature packed with an LCD display that will show you the remaining battery status, propeller speed etc. When the smaller control buttons dotted around the controller are pressed, they adjust turn rates, speed, pitch and yaw which is reflected on the LCD panel.

It is worth mentioning that although not supplied with the Mohawk – you are able to connect a camera to it via its camera port found underneath the drone. An added bonus is that the remote allows you to activate the camera shutter once connected from a distance which is really cool.

AUKEY Mohawk Drone

AUKEY Mohawk Drone

Pressing the top left button on the remote will activate the return home to transmitter function for easy one button return during flight. Holding down the button enters headless mode e.g. no matter the orientation of the drone when using the controller forward is always forward. Back is back and so on.

Otherwise its standard drone controls in effect with the left stick controlling throttle and roll whilst the right controls pitch. Flips, dives, rolls etc. can all be performed with a one button touch command.

With great features, simple construction and intuitive controls it is easy to see why the Mohawk is so easy to pick up and play by not only novices but experts alike which is always a good thing.

AUKEY Mohawk Drone