AUKEY Portable 21W Wireless Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

AUKEY Portable 21W Wireless Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker
AUKEY Portable 21W Wireless Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

9.5 Total Score

It's great for a kids bedroom, perfect for when you are out in the garden or on camping trips, ideal even for just a sing along indoors.

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Firstly, it has taken me almost three weeks to write this review, not because I couldn’t find anything to say but purely because everytime I turned on the Aukey Wireless Bluetooth Speaker/PA Machine I channelled my inner superstar and sung to my hearts content entertaining myself and distressing those around me with the voice that wasn’t given by angels. Well enough of my antics and on to the review.

When this speaker arrived it was bigger than expected which was a pleasant surprise – bigger speaker, more sound. Music is really important to me so a speaker that cannot offer good sound quality is quickly bypassed. Well this speaker has been used a lot over the past few weeks, when I say a lot I mean a lot.

The speaker has a decent weight to it and the build quality is evident before you even pick it up. On first look I thought that it would be a little awkward to move around and then I realised that the nice silver accents on the top of the speaker were in fact carry handles. I really like how you can fold down the handles when it’s not being carried as it keeps the aesthetics of the speaker. Aukey’s logo is clearly emblazoned on the side with pride and they should be proud of this product as you get a lot for your money.

AUKEY Portable 21W Wireless Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

The cylindrical shape is perfect for good quality sound to pass through with little distortion at high volumes. The four sturdy plastic legs are finished off with padded feet to help minimise slippage when loud vibrating music is playing. The back of the cylinder is all sub woofer which is great news as it is marketed as an outdoor Bluetooth Speaker so it needed to be loud enough to hear amongst everything going on.

There are many knobs and inputs on the front of the speaker and I was surprised to see that amongst everything else, the unit also had a built in FM radio. This is perfect if you just wanted to listen to the radio rather than having to pair to an external device.

As it already had some charge in it when it arrived, being Bluetooth enabled I was able to pair straight away to my phone and begin streaming music immediately. The pairing process was extremely simple. When you turn the speaker on “bt” flashes up on the small LCD screen and once Bluetooth is enabled on your device pairing is pretty much instant. In the Bluetooth settings on my device the speaker was recognised as “AUKEY SK-M17”.

A decent quality microphone is also supplied with this speaker which when connected to one of the two microphone inputs on the front basically turns the speaker into a karaoke / PA machine. This is the point where I got distracted and carried away. The cable on the microphone is approximately 2 meters long so provides sufficient room for maneuver when singing to your hearts content.

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AUKEY Portable 21W Wireless Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

Of course there isn’t a screen to provide lyrics to sing along to as its not really marketed as a karaoke machine but you can happily sing along to songs you know or you could be like me and just make up your own or simply ad lib. The microphone has an on / off switch so can be turned off when not in use to avoid interference and the inconvenience of having to plug in and out when required. As stated there are two microphone inputs so if you had another microphone spare you could have a group sing along.

There are four knobs slightly offset in rows of two. The top two knobs control the volume and the bass levels of the music being played. Adjustable bass is a really nice touch as you can add or take away depending on the music you are playing. The bottom two knobs control the volume of the microphone and an echo effect control which adds variable echo to your voice when singing along. I found the echo quite amusing and spent many hours annoying the people around me with this feature.

On the front is an on / off switch and an Aux port so you can directly plug non Bluetooth devices into the unit with the supplied Aux cable. Four music control buttons allow you to easily skip through the tracks on your connected device as well as pausing / playing as required. There is also a mode button that switches between radio and Bluetooth connections. It is worth noting that the radio will not play through the speaker when the microphone is plugged in. This is a minor issue as personally I wouldn’t be doing karaoke style whilst listening to the radio. You can also add preset stations and easily switch through these using the same buttons mentioned.

AUKEY Portable 21W Wireless Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

AUKEY Portable 21W Wireless Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

The speaker is charged with a DC 5V lead that is supplied and simply plugs into a USB adapter. Running time of this speaker is impressive with a massive 7-8 hours continuous play on a full charge which will easily keep the party going on summer barbecue days in the garden. The long play time is testament to the 5200 mAh rechargeable battery that powers this device.

There are so many instances for use, it’s great for a kids bedroom, perfect for when you are out in the garden or on camping trips, ideal even for just a sing along indoors.

If I could think of one thing to improve it the only thing I could suggest is to make the text by the buttons or knob either bigger or lighter so it’s a little easier to read. People around me would say to not include the microphone.

Overall I cannot sing the praises of this speaker enough. You get great value, good sound quality and a solid construction combine this with the standard Aukey two year warranty and you are on to a winner.

AUKEY Portable 21W Wireless Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker