AUKEY Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Microphone

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Noise Cancellation in ear headphones with volume control and built-in microphone with voice prompts, great for sports.

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If you do any form of active sports or even just listen to music on the go you have probably had the issue of being tangled in wires and frustrated at constantly having to mess with your phone to change an audio track or adjust volume.

These sports Wireless Bluetooth Headphones from Aukey offer a good hassle free, feature packed alternative without breaking the bank.

The all black headset in review is sleek and discreet looking and available in other vibrant colour options if you want something a little brighter.

AUKEY Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Mic

The AUKEY Wireless Bluetooth Headphones come packaged well with everything you need to get started. Our set were charged when they arrived so they are ready to use, you are also supplied with a USB charge cable, additional ear hooks and buds, the earphones themselves and a cable tidy. Along side the instructions you also get a nice drawstring pouch which is perfect to store everything in when not in use and generally makes it easier to transport.

The build quality on these earphones is really good. They feel sturdy when inserting into the ear and pressing buttons whilst in use and the supplied 2 year warranty is proof that Aukey stands behind the quality of their products.

Using the earphones you will find that they are quite comfortable. It’s worth a mention that you may need to change the buds and hooks with a different size from the supplied set to get a perfect fit for you. This is easy to do and takes only a few seconds to swap out.

AUKEY Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Mic

Features and specifications on these earphones are impressive for the price. The working Bluetooth range is listed as 10 metres or 33 feet which is a vast distance however, most people may never have a need to be this far away from their mobile. Talk time is listed as 4.5 hours with a standby time of 175 hours. During testing and mainly using the earphones for the gym and meditation music at night it is safe to say you get many hours of usage. When they do need charging, which had been every couple of days based on my usage the charge time has been approximately 2 hours.

You will find that there are voice prompts for various actions with this headset, for example when turning on or off the headphones you are greeted with a soft female voice stating “power on” and “power off” respectively.

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Once turned on the earphones are easily paired by holding down the multi function button for about 6 seconds and are displayed on your phone under Bluetooth settings as “Aukey EPB4”. The Aukey logo lights up on the earphones once pairing has started and alternates from red to blue. Once connected you again hear the voice prompt to confirm this. Remaining battery life will be displayed next to the Bluetooth icon on your mobile phone when connected, letting you know how much juice you have left. This is a really nice touch and one that is rarely seen on earphones of this nature especially in this price bracket.

AUKEY Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Mic

When in use noise cancellation works really well. A vast amount of outside noise is excluded and you can immerse yourself into your music or whatever else you are listening to. Although not the best sound quality I have experienced in this price range and on these type of earphones they do represent good value. Bass sounds good although there is some peaking at loud volumes on heavy bass tracks. On the contrary though the quality of sounds on voice calls is really good. It’s clear and concise and the inbuilt microphone ensures that the person on the other end of the phone hears you perfectly.

The earphones allow you to be paired to multiple devices at the same time and you can easily switch between the devices via a button press on the headset.

When an incoming call does come through, the callers number is read out over the headset and at this point you can answer or decline the call by pressing the multi function button.

AUKEY Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Mic

AUKEY Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Microphone.

On the right earpiece you will find the multi function button, volume controls are also here which can also be used to skip audio tracks on your phone if held down. The multi function button also turns the headset on or off when held down.

On the left earpiece is the USB charge port. The port has a rubber cap which can be a little fiddly to open if you have no nails but you will soon get to grips with this.

All in all these earphones offer a lot for the small price and are great for sporting activities or general use. They are feature packed, have good sound quality plus a 24 month warranty from a brand you can trust. Aukey has done it again.

AUKEY Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Microphone

AUKEY Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Microphone
AUKEY Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Microphone
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