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BEBONCOOL Wireless Gamepad Bluetooth Game Controller

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Sturdy design with wired and wireless Bluetooth options. Great for Android TV Boxes, Mobile Phones and more.

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First impressions of the Beboncool Bluetooth gamepad are “WOW”. You will notice that in appearance it is similar to an Xbox 360 gamepad with a build quality to match console controllers. Its a good size and will fit in a pocket or bag when travelling or playing games on the go.

In hand the pad feels very nice and is the perfect weight in my opinion, not too light like some, not too heavy to become uncomfortable during long periods of use. It has a solid build with no creaking during use which is a pet hate with cheaper game pads.

Looking around the pad you will notice the “usual” controls and buttons all of which have a quality feel and feedback. There are two clickable analogue sticks which have nice resistance to them and spring back into position providing precision movement just like the big boys, they are not over sensitive and work well. The D-pad on the controller is smooth and positioned in just the right place for hands of all sizes.

BEBONCOOL Wireless Gamepad Bluetooth Game Controller

The XYAB buttons on the pad are slightly raised enough to notice them being pressed and have a smooth comfortable surface, pressing them you will notice that they have a good return my only quibble is that they are a bit close to the start and select buttons on the game pad which might cause issues during hectic game play, this is just a personal note and not to take away from the overall quality of the game pad.

Shoulder buttons are here too the standard L1 L2 R1 R2 affair, with the L2 and R2 buttons being spring loaded, featuring a slight curve for comfortable pressing.

In the middle of the pad is an adjustable phone clip which folds down flush out of the way covering the micro USB charge port when not in use. It can be angled in various positions for your ideal viewing pleasure. When a phone is attached the spring loaded arm holds it in place with the ability to hold phones up to 5.5 inch. A nice touch is the dial to the right of this clip which will tighten the holder in place so it doesn’t fall with the weight of your phone during play.

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BEBONCOOL Wireless Gamepad Bluetooth Game Controller

As mentioned earlier the game pad has a micro USB port which has two uses. One is to charge the built in 400mah battery which takes about 2-3 hours to charge and lasts up to 8 hours, with an auto sleep mode when the pad is not in use for 5 minutes. The other is that in conjunction with the supplied cable the device can be used as a wired game pad for Windows PC’s etc. which is plug and play, making this a superb multi function device.

As the Beboncool gamepad is Bluetooth it can be paired with a multitude of devices such as Android TV Boxes, Mobile Phones, Windows PC’s and more. Pairing is as easy as pressing the “Home” and “X” button together to put the pad in pair mode. The LED indicator on the pad will blink indicating its ready to be paired with your phone/tablet etc. Then scan for the pad on your device and it will appear as “B02”. Once paired the LED indicator light on the pad will remain a solid light.

BEBONCOOL Wireless Gamepad Bluetooth Game Controller

BEBONCOOL Wireless Gamepad Bluetooth Game Controller

Included on the packaging is a QR code for you to download the Benoncool companion app. This app gives you access to over 300 standard and VR games with the likes of “Dead Trigger”, Fifa and ShadowGun all of which are compatible with the gamepad, with up to 140 of them being free of charge. Emulators are also compatible with the pad so you can get your SNES, SEGA etc. retro fix.

Also included with the companion app is access to quick start guides, FAQ’s, user forums and technical support with a 24 hour response.

Overall this is a fantastic product with a 45-Day return policy, 2 year warranty and lifetime technical support coupled with great build quality and a bonus companion app making it even more value for money. I would definitely recommend.

BEBONCOOL Wireless Gamepad Bluetooth Game Controller