Avoid Being Snowed In With The Best Snow Shovels

We’ve all had those moments where we are in a rush to leave the house only to be greeted with an unexpected 2-3 feet of snow at your front door to deal with. Shovelling snow is hard work and can be potentially dangerous. Snow shovelling accidents are quite common, strained ligaments, pulled muscles and even heart attacks have been known to occur during the process.  If you prepare properly with the right tool this laborious task may not seem so daunting.

Which Should I buy

When it comes to choosing the best snow shovel, two things that should be taken into consideration are the handle and the blade, with both being equally important depending of the job at hand.

If age or old injuries are an issue, consider using a Shovel/Pusher combo with a curved handle. Its ergonomic design will help reduces the amount of strain on the body, your hands and back will love you for it.

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You will notice that the majority of snow shovels have either a plastic or metal blade. Plastic bladed shovels come in all shapes and sizes and are usually a lot lighter and easier to lift once full of snow than metal shovels. They usually have larger scoops making it easier to move bigger amounts of deep snow at a time. One of the down sides of plastic shovels is that they will not attack ice as well their metal bladed brothers and have a tendency to break easily. With them being generally inexpensive this isn’t really an issue if your careful.

The best Snow Shovels to clear clear steps, driveways and walkways

Metal bladed shovels on the other hand are the perfect choice for tackling ice and packed snow. Technology has moved on and most metal bladed shovels that are available are not as heavy as you would think, but are extremely durable and tend to bend rather that break when too much pressure is exerted. This type of shovel is usually quite a bit more expensive than plastic bladed shovels but they do tend to last a lot longer, in some cases a lifetime.

Another option which is also available are folding snow shovels. These usually have ingenious locking mechanisms incorporating space saving design helping to keep things tidy and organised. Their compact nature makes them perfect for emergency use and are great for storing in the boot of your car should you ever get stuck, although durability issues may arise if they are used often.

Here is a list of the best snow shovels available:


Arctic Blast 18-inch Mountain Mover Snow Shovel


True Temper Arctic Blast 18-inch Mountain Mover Snow Shovel

The True Temper Arctic Blast 18-inch Mountain Mover Snow Shovel is possibly one of the best shovels available. Its oversized poly D-grip handle makes for a comfortable grip whilst in use and durable resin-coated straight steel shaft is strong enough to carry the heaviest load. The 18-inch-wide poly blade with steel strip that helps prevent wear and tear (13.5in x 18in) is the perfect size for clearing steps, driveways and walkways.

Bulldog Snow Shovel

Bulldog Snow Shovel

The Bulldog snow shovel comes delivered fully assembled and ready to use. Bulldog Tools have been manufacturing tools since 1780 therefore quality and reliability is assured. Made from lightweight but durable plastic with a metal front edge reinforcing the scoop. An ash wood shaft is utilised for extra strength and leverage and a plastic D-grip for comfort.

Neilsen Tools Aluminium Metal Snow Scoop Shovel

Neilsen Tools Aluminium Metal Snow Scoop Shovel

The Neilsen Tools metal snow shovel features a large aluminium Scoop which is rust free and ideal for the removal of compressed ice/snow. Its fibreglass handle and D-Type grip make it extremely strong but lightweight at 1.20 kilograms. A great multipurpose tool not only for the removal of snow but a multitude of uses.

Carpoint AR91830 Foldable Snow Shovel

Carpoint AR91830 Foldable Snow Shovel

The Carpoint compact foldable snow shovel made of strong durable plastic, features a quick and easy push button assembly allowing it to collapse into 4 pieces for easy storage, ideally in the boot of your car for those sudden emergencies.

Blackspur Snow Scoop Shovel

Featuring a large plastic scoop for maximum snow removal, this shovel seems to be quite popular, probably due to its price. Made from lightweight but durable plastic with a metal front edge for extra strength. It also features a long ash wood handle ideal for extra leverage.


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