Google Cardboard Virtual Reality (VR) Kit

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Amazing budget entry level Google Cardboard Kit - Ideal for your first virtual reality experience.

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Wow… I don’t know what else to say – and it was all I could say whilst using this.

I remember watching tomorrow’s world on TV as a young child and being told in the future we will someday have virtual reality devices. This was something that excited me a lot when I was young, as technology always did and I can officially say I am not disappointed.

Honestly, I am absolutely amazed by this product and virtual reality in a whole. Don’t let the fact it is made out of cardboard put you off. The whole experience is cleverly put together making this simple device a fantastic piece of kit.

Google Cardboard v2.0 Virtual Reality Headset

As stated the whole device is made of cardboard, except for the two lenses and the Velcro strips which are used to hold it together making it an extremely budget friendly virtual reality device.

This version of Google Cardboard came pre-built for me so I didn’t have to worry about putting it together. Setting it up was as simple as scanning the QR code with my mobile phone on the outside of the box and clicking the link within the app which popped up taking me to the Brixtech VR website. Once there I followed the instructions and proceeded to download the necessary apps from the Play Store.

After being installed and opened, the Cardboard app launched a brief guide asking you to insert your phone into the Google Cardboard and look through the device. You are presented with various demos which allow you to “visit” virtual cities etc and further examples of what you can do with Cardboard – and I have to say what I tried was amazing.

Google Cardboard v2.0 Virtual Reality Headset

Whilst on the menu screen of the Cardboard app you navigate by turning your head to highlight menu items and there is a small “button” for you to click on the cardboard device itself allowing you to select the item you want.

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On the Google Play Store there is a wide selection of virtual reality apps to use including virtual reality roller coasters, underwater adventures, space invader type games – the list is endless and apparently Apple iPhone users can also make use of this clever little box now.

At this point an android device was used for the review and the experience has been amazing. Initially the accompanying applications were installed on a HTC Desire 820 device but as there was limited availability for certain apps with this phone, whilst still being a fair few, for testing a HTC One was used and was definitely compatible with the majority of the apps available.

Google Cardboard v2.0 Virtual Reality Headset

Google Cardboard v2.0 Virtual Reality Headset

So far, I have visited Chicago, Marseilles and the massive Grand Canyon, experienced dinosaurs and even met a T-Rex and I haven’t even left my couch.

The kids are learning about the Egyptians at school at the moment so I’ve downloaded an app that allows them to explore an Egyptian chamber – all in virtual reality with spoken guides and great visuals. This is something that has not only made me very excited for what’s to come but I can see it being something extremely useful. The educational aspect of it is fantastic, although I would be cautious when letting smaller children use it. Taking the time to explain to them that what they are seeing isn’t real will settle that issue – its that good.

I must add I wear glasses and have not had any problem at all in using this device. The only downside really is that I can’t take it outside in a downpour unless I’ve got a good umbrella which lucky for me I have. Joking aside, all in all this is an amazing product. I highly recommend it if for nothing else to experience virtual reality even just once you wont be disappointed.

Seriously I cannot recommend this product enough and to experience what I have experienced today at such a low price point is nothing less than extraordinary.

BrizTech VR Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit

Google Cardboard Virtual Reality (VR) Kit
Google Cardboard Virtual Reality (VR) Kit
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