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Ccbetter 50 in 1 Sports Action Camera Accessories Pack And Carry Bag

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Great kit comes with a multitude of accessories for anyone that has a compatible action camera.

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So, you have already purchased your action camera and spent quite a bit on it. You’ve seen all the things it can do but don’t know quite what you need to make sure you do it without destroying your camera. This accessory pack and case will solve your problems.

More than likely if you have a GoPro or similar camera it’s because you want to get some extreme footage. Whether it’s some footage whilst you are skateboarding or on a bike or something more extreme like bungee jumping. This kit should have everything you need.

Firstly the cost of this whole kit is less than some official single attachments so it’s certainly money well spent that will go a long way.

The hard black case that comes with this kit will certainly keep your camera safe and allow you enough space to carry the accessories you need for the day. The foam insert inside the case will safely hold the camera but can be removed for more flexibility. Also in the case is a mesh elasticated pocket to store additional accessories whilst allowing you to see them easily.

This kit comes with a multitude of accessories that feel quite sturdy and well made.

There are so many accessories that listing them all would be pointless as that information is in the listing. However, some of the more notable ones are the floating handle grip and strap that will ensure you do not lose your go pro in the water. The hand held monopod (selfie stick) is perfect for getting that group video or for when you want to mess around. The chest strap mount, wrist strap and helmet mount allows you to use your camera hands free whilst partaking in your chosen activity. In addition to this there are a bunch of arms, mounts and adhesives pads allowing you to attach your camera to almost anything.

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In addition to the hard case there is also a small drawstring bag that can hold a few extra accessories if you didn’t want to take the whole case with you.

Chances are you will probably buy this pack for one or two main accessories. Even for that it would still probably be cheaper than the official products and you will also get a whole host of accessories that at some point you will find a use for.

These accessories are made from durable materials and am sure will last a good while.

For the small price tag you get a lot, you won’t be disappointed and I would recommend this kit for anyone that has a compatible action camera.

  • Compatible cameras include: GoPro HERO 4/3+/3/2/1; ccbetter CS710 CS720W action cameras, SJ4000 SJ5000 SJ6000 cameras and more.
Ccbetter 50 in 1 Sports Action Camera Accessories Pack And Carry Bag