Eat Healthier Meals With The Tower T17005 Air Fryer Oven

Do you love fried foods? who doesn’t. Well what if I told you there was a way to have the foods you love with 80% less fat, yet keeping all of the delicious taste and flavour. The Tower T17005 Air Fryer Oven uses little to no oil to fry quickly and easily.


Tower T17005 Air Fryer Oven

  • Energy saving rapid air circulation system for faster cooking.
  • 80-200 degrees temperature control.
  • 3.2L capacity cooking basket.
  • Automatic switch off.
    4.5/5 Stars – Customer Reviews
  • There’s no doubt the Tower Air Fryer Oven is an ideal kitchen accessory for those of us who crave that fried flavour.

    It’s a fast and convenient alternative to conventional frying, with cooking times up to 20% faster than with a traditional oven.  Cutting out all of the usual pre-heating and greatly shortening standard cooking times.

    The Tower T17005 is very easy to use, set your cooking time (up to 30 minutes) and temperature (between 80 to 200°C) and leave it to do its thing.

    Cleaning it is also a breeze with its removable basket that can be easily washed and replaced after use.

    By using hot air that rapidly circulates around the air fryer, your food is cooked thoroughly with a nice and crispy finish.

    As it uses hot air to cook, not only can this air fryer fry, it’s also a multi-functional oven which will allow you to bake, grill and roast all of your favourite dishes, how cool is that.

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    Enjoy a wide range of meals that can all be cooked with the Tower T17005 Air Fryer Oven, pizza, vegetables, chips, chicken, just to name a few, you can even bake and make cakes with it.

    You’ll even find a few recipes in the instruction manual that comes with the fryer, with temperature guidelines to cook them to perfection.

    The controls on the fryer are of the manual type, so you adjust the temperature and cooking times with one of the two dials letting you schedule your cooking cycle.

    There’s even an automatic shut down feature once the timer reaches zero, so you don’t need to worry about leaving it turned on .

    Tower T17005 Air Fryer Oven Features:

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