Emish Android 5.1 – 4K Smart TV Box Review

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Great build quality and easy to use with an endless amount of apps and games available from the Play store. Will keep you entertained as there is something for everyone of all ages.

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I did not have high expectations for this Android TV box as I have previously used other variants which caused nothing but problems. I have to say my negative expectations were very quickly turned around.

Upon opening the box I was greeted with: –

1 x Android TV Box (Emish branded)
1 x Remote Control (2 AAA batteries required but not supplied)
1 x 5V Power Supply (UK Plug)
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x AV Cable
1 X USB Multi Card Reader
1 x Instruction Leaflet

All of contents were of a very high quality and the Android box was smaller than expected at approximately 18 cm wide, 3.5 cm tall (at the highest point not including antenna), and 11 cm depth. With the antenna fully raised the overall height is 19.5cm. However, you do not necessarily need to have the antenna extended fully and they are adjustable so could be angled in many ways included flat backwards.

Emish Android 5.1 – 4K Smart TV Box - Review - Sound & Vision

Once the box is turned on you are greeted with a home screen with 10 pre installed popular apps including Kodi, Netflix, Skype, Spotify, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. These are simple to access by either pressing the corresponding number on the remote control or navigating with the arrow keys.

Remote Control

The remote control can power on / off the device, has volume control and the standard number / letter buttons and cursor control keys.

The “mouse” button shows a cursor on the screen and allows you to control it with the cursor keys on the remote but I found this a little slow which I did expect. Personally I have attached a wireless keyboard with mouse track pad via the USB and would recommend a similar alternative.

In addition it also has the standard Android Home / Back & Menu buttons as well as Media / TV / Web / App buttons.

The media button opens up a media player where you can load video files etc from the internal storage or a USB drive. The TV button opens the Kodi app and this is probably the app I will be using the most. The Web button opens the web browser and the Apps button opens up a list of all installed applications.

Emish Android 5.1 – 4K Smart TV Box - Review - Sound & Vision

App Stores

The TV box comes with two pre-installed app stores Google Play Store and Aptoide both of these have a wide range of applications and games for you to install.

You will need to link your Google account or create a new one if you don’t have one to access the Play Store. Most of the Google apps like YouTube for example will require you to have an account to update the Google services and respective apps.

Internet Connectivity

Setting up Wi-Fi is really easy. It is better to choose the standard Android settings which can be found under the Apps list rather than using the settings button on the main homepage as the main settings on the home screen ask you to manually configure your Wi-Fi. Alternatively, if you prefer you can set this TV Box up with a wired internet connection.

Emish Android 5.1 - 4K Smart TV Box

Kodi App

Kodi has a lot of pre-installed add-ons for watching online TV, HD movies and international TV. My recommendation would be to remove the add-ons you do not use as my experience in the past is that when it updates these channels it can take quite a while if there is a lot to update. Kodi is a beast in itself and it has a lot of functions and capabilities and I would suggest that you visit the forums or watch YouTube videos to learn more about it. I have found some of the better add-ons to be Navi-X and Genesis and these come already preinstalled. For those of you who have never used Kodi before it is a total multimedia centre where you can display your own videos, music with detailed information and cover art and photos. In addition you can also access online video and music via third party add-ons which you can install easily.

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Picture Quality

The video playback is very clear within apps like YouTube and Netflix and you can definitely tell this is an ultra HD box. The streaming of the videos is great with no stutter or Wi-Fi drop out which I was surprised at as my Wi-Fi normally has a lot of dropout so the antenna definitely seem to be working.

Emish Android 5.1 – 4K Smart TV Box - Review - Sound & Vision

Emish Android 5.1 – 4K Smart TV Box – Review – Sound & Vision


– Double antenna design to ensure stronger and more stable Wi-Fi signal
– Bluetooth 4.0 so can be linked with Bluetooth speakers or other Bluetooth audio devices ie headphones
– Fully pre-installed Kodi Media Centre
– Supports Ultra 4K video playback
– Octa Core Processor


– Latest version of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
– KODI pre-installed
– Octa Core for faster app opening times and multitasking
– Miracast support to push video and images from your phone to the TV screen
– Comes supplied with a HDMI cable which is always a bonus
– Supplied with a USB multi memory card reader
– HDMI & AV output
– Dual USB ports to plug in USB keyboard, hard drives etc
– Being Android you can update the interface if required.


– No batteries supplied for the remote control
– No optical audio output to link up to surround sound – even though most surrounds sound systems don’t use optical input anymore a lot of people still have these older requirements


All in all I was really impressed with this box, from the initial presentations, the build quality right the way through to the usability. It is something that can be customised to your tastes via different launchers available on the Play Store (for the more advanced user) and the endless amounts of apps and games will forever keep you entertained because there is something for everyone of all ages.

Although I am an avid user of Android it was never really designed for TV boxes and is clearly a phone operating system being utilised. This is the same regardless of the Android TV you may buy however, this manufacturer has done a great job in making this software perform well on its device.

If you have ever used an android phone or are a current user the whole set up and interface will come natural to you. If you have never used it before it will only take a few minutes to become accustomed.

Emish Android 5.1 - 4K Smart TV Box

Emish Android 5.1 – 4K Smart TV Box Review
Emish Android 5.1 – 4K Smart TV Box Review
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