Essential Oil Aroma Diffusers Buying Guide

Home fragrance has become big business over the past few years.  We now have more choices than ever on how we wish to fragrance our homes.  You can plug in, burn a scented candle, spray, spritz and the list goes on.  What almost all of these options have in common is that most if not all require or include chemicals that at some point we will be inhaling.

Of late another more natural, chemical free way of fragrancing your home or office has come about revolutionising the way people think about home fragrance.  The aromatherapy essential oil diffuser.  Now having tried, tested and regularly using many diffusers of different sizes and styles it is clear that the fundamentals of what most have to offer are the same even from different manufacturers.

The ultrasonic movement in the humidifier is what pumps the water particles combined with your chosen natural essential oil in to the air in the form of a mist.  It is this mist that creates the aroma within the room leaving it fresh with the scent of your choice.

As all you are using to fragrance your home or office is basically water and essential oils you do not have the worry of ingesting any nasty chemicals, in fact diffusers can help with a multitude of ailments. For example by using lavender oil when you want to relax or eucalyptus oil when you have a congested nose.  Essential oils can be used to help with many things including your general mood.

As the mist is not created by heat you have no issues or concerns about scalding or the burning of essential oils used.

It has been said that diffusers create negative ions which can help reduce static electricity in your surroundings and provide your body with a boost in metabolism.  There is no way in us proving this as a 100% fact however it is certainly worth putting the information out there.

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