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Etekcity Digital Body Fat Weight BMI Bathroom Scale

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A must have if you are on a fitness journey and a valuable tool to use in daily life generally.

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These Digital Body Fat Weight BMI Bathroom Scale from Etekcity come professionally presented in a simple contrasting black and red box. These scales are packaged in a way that you could offer these as a gift if required as well as keeping them for yourself.

When the box is opened you can immediately see the scales which are wrapped in a clear plastic bag with the corners protected with polystyrene. Also included inside the box is the warranty card and a user manual written in English.

The scales themselves are extremely well constructed with a good weight to them and a quality build. Unlike most scales that I have used in the past these scales are very aesthetically pleasing with black as a base colour on the tempered glass platform instead of the standard boring white or light grey. In addition the abstract design adds something more to a normally plain and boring object.

The weight capacity of these scales is greater than other bathroom scales that I have owned with a maximum weight of 400lb or 180 kilograms, this is only the start of how these scales have impressed me.

Coming with batteries supplied is always a bonus so no scraping about to look for any before you use.

These scales measure a multitude of different things including normal body weight and a fitness mode which also measures things like hydration, body fat %, muscle % and bone %. As well as being able to store readings for multiple users.

Starting to use these scales is simple enough. Firstly remove the plastic strip off the batteries and you are ready to go. The added bonus of these scales is that they are powered by AAA batteries, so when the provided batteries discharge you can purchase these from pretty much anywhere.

Etekcity Digital Body Fat Weight BMI Bathroom Scale

Etekcity Digital Body Fat Weight BMI Bathroom Scale

Powering on the scales the LCD display lit up with a nice appealing blue backlight. On the back of the scale is also a button allowing you to change the weight measurement from pounds to kilograms.

As stated earlier these scales can support multiple users and creating a user profile is easy enough. Whilst the scales are turned off press the set button and wait for the scales to power on then select a user profile number to use and off you go. These scales have the capacity to hold up to 12 user profiles so can be used by the whole family. When setting up your own profile for the first time you need to input some basic information like whether you are male or female, your age and your height. This information is used for the calculations under the fitness mode.

The scales can show your recommended daily calorie intake based on the supplied user information as well as your bone, muscle and body fat percentages. It will cycle through these results three times and then automatically shut off. In addition, the hydration levels are a good measurement to know and this is something I had never considered before. I drink a lot of water so was not worried about hydration but according to the scales I do need to drink more.

If you attempt to interpret the readings in the fitness mode without looking at the instructions for the first time you will be a little confused. But take a few seconds to go through the user guide and your off.

In my opinion these scales are a must have if you are on a fitness journey and a valuable tool to use in daily life generally. They are a set that I would highly recommend and one that I will be using regularly.

Etekcity Digital Body Fat Weight BMI Bathroom Scale