EVANPO T95Z Plus Android 6.0 TV Box

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Fast, reliable, stable with high spec combined with 3D & 4K capabilities that will give you a great experience.

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From the moment I received this box and opened the packaging I was impressed, aesthetically it is the best looking Android Box that I have tried and whilst using it I soon realised it was also the fastest I had used to date. This box has set a new bar for me.

The hexagonal shape and honeycomb effect on the top of the box add to the already different aesthetics. The main thing I liked about the visual appeal of the box that hasn’t been included on any of the other boxes that I have tried so far is the LCD screen. The screen shows the time and also displays the word “boot” when the device is being started. I haven’t noticed the LCD to display anything else but I could have missed something whilst immersed in the software and box functionality. Couple this with the colour changing LED light that goes around the whole top edge of the box which can be controlled by the remote control and aesthetically you are already way ahead of the closest competition.

EVANPO T95Z Plus Android 6.0 TV Box

Another cool feature I liked was the boot video, which plays once the device is powered up. This is something I have never seen before and just added to the overall package and quality of the box.

The Octa-Core processor coupled with the enclosed 2G Ram and the 16G inbuilt storage certainly gives others of a similar spec a run for their money and surpasses lower spec boxes by far. What you get is a great TV Box, it has one of the highest specs currently available with its Octa-Core processor and 2GB RAM & 16GB of storage to hold all of your apps etc.

Due to the higher spec, the speed is significantly faster than other boxes I have tried and I have experienced no lag during general interface use and video playback. Android version 6.0.1 Marshmallow is installed on the system and offers a few little extras in comparison to older Android versions but also helps with the increase of speed.

Well presented the box includes everything you need to get started.

In the box you get:

The T95Z Plus Android TV Box
Remote Control
Power Supply
HDMI Cable
User Guide

Upon examining the TV box you notice there are several ports available for you to use. These are spread across the back three sides of the hexagonal shape. The ports from left to right when looking at the back are as follows:

EVANPO T95Z Plus Android 6.0 TV Box

USB Port 1 – This can be used to connect external devices such as keyboard, mice, USB flash drives and external hard drives. Memory sticks can also be linked to the box to view your photos or access your own media files.

Gigabyte Ethernet Port – This is perfect for a wired internet connection to provide faster speeds. However, the box does support dual band Wi-Fi connections so hard wiring is not required.

SPDIF / Optical Out Port – to allow this to be connected to surround systems, sound bars etc.

Power Input Port – This is where the power supply is inputted.

HDMI Port – This allows you to connect to the TV with the supplied cable.

AV Port – When used with the correct cable can be used with older televisions and output devices. This cable is a 3.5mm Jack on the one end and on the other end it is the yellow, white and red phono jacks. The cable was not supplied but it was not needed so didn’t cause me a problem.

USB Port 2 – A second USB port with the same functional capabilities as USB Port 1

Micro SD Card Slot – This can be used to upgrade the storage capacity of the box or a great place to store media files without using internal resources. This may not be needed as the box already contains 16 gigabytes of internal storage.

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EVANPO T95Z Plus Android 6.0 TV Box

There are instructions to get you started, should you be new to Android TV Boxes. They don’t really cover using the box and software like Kodi which is normal for these types of box. The supplied instructions generally cover how to read the external storage (Micro SD Card), connecting to the internet and how to re-flash the box if required.

As most people usually purchase these boxes for Kodi or Showbox etc there will be no hand holding here so if you have never used Kodi before it can seem a little daunting. However, there is a myriad of online resources including videos and instructions that you will easily find available on the internet to get you started and I would definitely recommend that you have a look at these before you do, so you can get the best and most personalised experience from this box. In a nutshell, you can get extra add-ons for Kodi that cover a wide range of subject matter, TV programmes, Sports and Movies.

EVANPO T95Z Plus Android 6.0 TV Box

I would normally recommend that you consider a small Bluetooth keyboard or air mouse to use with the TV Box. For about £10 it will save you time especially when trying to use the on screen keyboard which sometimes can be laborious. However, with this box the remote control feels comfortable and sturdy in hand and significantly differs to the standard remotes that are shipped with a lot of the other devices available. The remote offers a lot more functionality like a dedicated button for Kodi that once pressed launches the app. In addition there is an LED button that controls the light on the exterior of the box. The remote control also has the function to control the volume, power and input on your TV.

The seller now offers a package with a H9 backlit keyboard included. EVANPO T95Z PLUS Smart TV Box Android 6.0 Amlogic S912 Qcta-core CPU Dual Wifi 3D 4K2K Set Top Box Mini PC Streaming TV Media Player with Wireless Keyboard (BACKLIGHT)

EVANPO T95Z Plus Android 6.0 TV Box

EVANPO T95Z Plus Android 6.0 TV Box

The user interface is easy to use with direct links to the main functions that you would normally use. It is so simple and self explanatory that even a technophobe with a few minutes spare would be able to figure it out.

If you have a slow internet connection you may experience some buffering issues when watching video content online especially if in a higher quality format. This is by no way at all a fault of the box. This generally happens if you have a slower internet connection and are trying to stream HD movies for example. This can be eliminated or reduced by hard wiring the T95Z Plus Android TV Box to your internet router with a network cable. If you have a decent internet connection you shouldn’t experience this issue as the Wi-Fi is both 2.4G & 5G and the network port is a gigabyte port.

With a lot of pre-installed apps the box is ready to go and you can add more of what you would like quite easily by logging into the play store with your current Gmail details or creating a new login. However, the main ones you would probably use would be Showbox, Kodi and Netflix which are already pre-installed.

As well as all of this you have an internet browser on the box and lots of other pre-installed apps so for the money you are paying you are getting a lot in return. If you are subscribed to a satellite or cable provider this should allow you to reduce your bills by reducing your package.

Overall this box is a good buy, its fast, reliable, stable and the high spec combined with 3D & 4K capabilities will give you a great experience.

EVANPO T95Z Plus Android 6.0 TV Box

EVANPO T95Z Plus Android 6.0 TV Box
EVANPO T95Z Plus Android 6.0 TV Box
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