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Handheld Pressurised Steam Cleaner Review

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Impressive steamer that does what it says and some. Lightweight, easy to use and has an attachment for every eventuality.

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I have been aware of the power of steam cleaning for a while and regularly clean my mattresses and always clean my floors with the current floor steamer I have.

I do already have a handheld cleaner and initially when I first had it I used it a couple of times but due to the short cord and short usage time I stopped using it and went back to chemical cleaning. I should know better but hey.

So when I had the opportunity to review this Handheld Multi-purpose Pressurized Steam Cleaner I was willing to give steam cleaning another go and honestly the experiences I had were night and day.

Handheld Pressurised Steam Cleaner - Review - Home & Garden

The first thing I noticed was that the cord was a lot longer so for example I could get around my whole kitchen and clean worktops, sink, windows, hob and oven without having to change plugs. I did change nozzles though for the various jobs which is to be expected and to be fair there is a nozzle for everything. The 15 – 20 minute in use time makes it easy as well – knowing that the kitchen is sanitized without the chemicals does make me feel better as I buy anti-bacterial everything which is what initially attracted me to steam cleaning.

Handheld Pressurised Steam Cleaner - Review - Home & Garden

Handheld Pressurised Steam Cleaner – Review – Home & Garden

Since having this steam cleaner I can honestly say I have cut down on the chemicals I use in the house by approximately 80%. I still have to use washing liquid and am unable to bring myself to clean the toilet with this as it will be used elsewhere in the house so I still use chemicals for that too. So over time this unit will save me money as well as helping save the environment and keep my home sanitized in the places that are important.

There are so many uses for this product that I could go on forever but different people will use this steamer for different things.


– 100% chemical free cleaning
– 15 – 20 minutes of continuous use
– Lightweight
– 9.5 feet power cord
– Extended connecting spray nozzle for extending reach
– Long spray nozzle directing the cleaning action to hard to reach areas
– General spray nozzle for all your steam clean tasks
– Spray nozzle for doors and windows makes cleaning a breeze
– Round brush nozzle for spot cleaning
– Bent spray nozzle for cleaning corners and crevasses
– Brush plate and towel sleeve for flat surfaces


– Environmentally friendly
– Money saving
– Cleans everything including: –
○ Bathroom & kitchen tiles
○ Kitchens sides
○ Ceramic & metal sinks
○ Windows
○ Refreshes rugs & carpets
○ Kills dust mites on mattresses and pillows
– Chemical free so safe around pets and children
– Sanitizes
– More uses than I can think of

– It can’t do the cleaning for me


All in all this is an impressive steamer that does what it says and some. It is lightweight, easy to use and has an attachment for every eventuality. I like the fact that I am now using less chemicals and saving money on cleaning products at the same time.

Handheld Pressurised Steam Cleaner