Have Peace Of Mind With The All-new Ring Alarm 5 Piece Security Kit

Currently Amazon has a great offer on the All-new Ring Alarm 5 Piece Security Kit. This is a perfect DIY security solution which is easily set up to protect your home while your away giving you peace of mind that everything is safe and secure.

All-new Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit (2nd Generation)

This kit includes a Base Station, Keypad, one Contact Sensor, one Motion Detector, and a Range Extender.
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The Ring alarm kit includes an intuitive keypad which is used to arm/disarm the system before you leave home and panic buttons which can be activated if needed.

Interior sensors are also included in the kit, which can be placed on your doors and windows and will send notifications to your phone via the Ring app when someone triggers them, opens a window or door, or sets off the siren.

Speaking of the Ring app, here you can easily monitor the whole setup from its simple dashboard, arm/disarm the system, and set your Alarm to home mode when someone is in with a few simple clicks.

For you smart home enthusiasts, the All-new Ring Alarm even works with Alexa and compatible Alexa-enabled devices so you can arm/disarm the system all with your voice.

An optional Assisted monitoring service is also available, which can be activated from within the Ring app for £8 a month and will automatically call one of three pre set emergency contacts that you supply should the alarm be activated while your away.

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Another great thing about the Assisted monitoring service is that even if your internet goes down at home the system will still work as it uses 4G technology so is always connected.

All-new Ring Alarm 5 Piece Home Security System Features

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