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IMECIG G3 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

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It looks great, is well built and provides a good simple vaping experience.

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Packaging for most is usually overlooked, whilst for others it sets the tone for the overall user experience of an item. Here the IMECIG G3 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit delivers.

Upon opening the IMECIG box you are greeted with the sleek design looks of the G3. Available in various colours (Silver/Gold/Black) The black version in question is of a glossy appearance with chrome accents making it look quite elegant yet doesn’t stand out too much providing the discreteness a lot of users who vape desire. As it features a 900 mAh battery, it’s the standard size of a starter kit of this nature therefore not too bulky for female users whilst not looking feminine with the fellas.

Included with the kit you will find:

1 X G3 Glass Tank
1 X 1.0 Ohm Coil
1 X 1.2 Ohm Coil pre-installed
1 X G3 Battery 900 mAh
1 X Magnetic Cap
1 X Micro USB Charger & Lightning Connector
1 X Instruction Manual
1 X Stamped certificate of inspection

Build quality of the G3 is on par with the big boys presenting great value with features such as multiple charging ports, battery life indicator, removable metal drip tip and a magnetic drip tip cap to help keep your tip clean when not in use, preventing dust or other particles getting into your vape.

IMECIG G3 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

The atomiser tank of the G3 has a clear glass window allowing you to monitor the level of the e-liquid remaining in the unit and holds up to 3ml of e- liquid. There is no adjustable air-flow on this unit which may be disappointing for some but don’t let this put you off what is essentially a great bit of kit.

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Two coils of various ohms are supplied with this kit (1 X 1.0 Ohm & 1 X 1.2 Ohm) enabling you to find your ideal vaping experience.  These can be easily screwed in to the atomiser when a replacement is required by unscrewing the bottom of the tank. This is also the way you refill the G3 with E-Liquid.

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As stated the battery of the G3 has two charge ports one which is a standard micro USB whilst the other is Apple’s proprietary Lightning Connector. So for all of you Apple users out there you can charge with standard lightning cables if required. This is ideal when you are out and about and need a quick charge on the go as you can use your existing mobile phone charger – sweet.

IMECIG G3 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

An added bonus is the cable supplied with this kit is not only Micro USB but has a neat lightning port attachment so can be used either way. Charge times will vary depending on your equipment being used but under normal circumstances you can expect the G3 to be fully charged in about 2 hours.

The battery power indicator/fire button has a LED ring which remains white until you have 30% of battery left.  This light turns red when the battery % drops below this point.  This is really helpful as it can be very frustrating when a vape runs out of power without notice.

IMECIG G3 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

IMECIG G3 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

In addition it uses the standard 5 button click system that most e-cigarettes have to turn it on and off.  This also acts as a safety feature to ensure that the G3 doesn’t go off in your pocket or your bag.

I would certainly recommend e-cigarettes to anyone that wants to quit or cut down smoking the real thing. The IMECIG G3 in particular comes highly recommended because of it’s low price and additional features that are not found even on some of its more expensive rivals.  It looks great, is well built and provides a good simple vaping experience.

IMECIG G3 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit