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JEBSENS – Magnetic Car Mount Review

8.5 Total Score

Strong magnetic car mount, a great alternative to vent holders as with this you can decide where it is situated in your car.

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I’ve needed a solution or two for my car for a while. I talk hands free all the time and also use another device in car for music and have used sticky pads on my dash in the past. Eventually I came across this magnetic phone holder and had the opportunity to review it so here I am.

The first thing that strikes me about the holder is the build quality. It felt sturdy to the touch and as long as the magnet didn’t let it down I could see that it would be able to hold any of my devices no problem.

In the box was the suction cup holder that also had an adhesive pad for additional support, the magnetic head that simply connects to the holder and the metal plates. These plates come as follows: 1 rectangle plate with adhesive, 1 rectangle plate without adhesive and a sticky round plate. There is an additional clear sticker which I assume is to cover the rectangle pad with no adhesive to help keep it in place. I haven’t used that sticker so will not say how well that works.

JEBSENS - Magnetic Car Mount - Review - Mobile & Tablet

JEBSENS – Magnetic Car Mount – Review – Mobile & Tablet

I used the plain rectangle non adhesive pad and placed it underneath the case of my phone. I tried this on a 5.5″ HTC phone which has some weight to it and the phone was firmly stuck. Having a gel case which is quite thin didn’t seem to affect the magnet. I had no issues whilst driving and the phone stayed in place. You may have issues if you use some of the harder plastic cases for your phone using the non adhesive plate. If you do have the harder type cases I would recommend using the adhesive metal plate on the outside of the case.

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You needn’t worry about the strength of the magnet it is very strong. You could feel the pull (once the metal plate was added) from a few centimeters away.

All in all a great alternative to the vent holders as with this you can decide where it is situated in your car.

JEBSENS - Magnetic Car Mount