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Kealive Water Resistant Rechargeable Hair Clipper Set

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The Kealive Water Resistant Hair Clipper Set presents a value package ideal for quick trims or a tidy up.

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If looking good is your thing – at some point the chances are you’ve had a go at cutting your own hair/beard. Anyone who has, will know just how tiresome it can be when you don’t have the right tools. Power leads tangling, blades that need constant oiling, lets say it can become tedious.

Most if not all of us will often find an essential item that aids with our grooming routine.

Enter the Kealive HC-C01 hair clippers.

Just looking over the features of the Kealive HC-C01 clippers makes for quite an impressive read. Appearance wise, their sleek design and glossy black finish with chrome accents look the part, as with being stored on a bedside unit or bathroom side thanks to the supplied charging dock. It’s hard to believe that you are getting so much value with this kit.

Kealive Water Resistant Hair Clipper Set

For a start they are water resistant with an IP67 rating, meaning that they are 100% protected against solid objects like dust and sand. When it comes to getting wet, they would have been tested to work for at least 30 minutes while under 15cm to 1m of water.

With this in mind should you wish to rinse the blades off under the tap after a finished cut, you could do that – but I wouldn’t recommend keeping the whole clipper submerged.

Kealive Water Resistant Hair Clipper Set

Speaking of blades, ceramic is the material in use here for the top blade, whilst the bottom is metal. Many believe ceramic blades stay sharper longer than standard blades giving you an overall smoother shaving experience in the long run. With an adjustable trimming length of 0.8mm-2mm these clippers can cut hair quite low, so are ideal for shaping up your hairline or beard.

Kealive Water Resistant Hair Clipper Set

One thing that was quite unusual is the blade length adjustment lever. On this model This is found on the bottom of the cutting head of the clipper rather than on the side. Shifting the dial from left to right will adjust the blade cutting length. For some this will be a welcome addition in it’s placement, others may find it takes some getting used to over more traditional placement.

Included with the kit are four additional attachment combs of varying lengths (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm), which easily slide on, lock into place and slide off of the main clipper blades when needed, helping you to get the cutting length and effect you desire.

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The Kealive HC-C01 also features the option to switch between high and low cutting speeds at the press of a button, this is great when you are cutting hair of different textures.

Powering the clippers is another plus point but also where they are let down at the same time. The supplied power lead is a decent length and plugs into the bottom end of the clipper handle. Amazingly though they will not cut or work whilst connected to this cable, in other words they will only charge which is quite unusual for a device of this nature.

Kealive Water Resistant Hair Clipper Set

Luckily the HC-C01 are cordless. By charging the clippers for approximately 8 hours, once fully charged they are usable for up to 60 minutes, which is not bad but you’ll be stuck if you run out of juice mid cut until the next charge. To help things, there are three green LED indicators on the handle to keep an eye on remaining power so you can quickly see how much charge is left.

When not in use the HC-C01 sits nicely into it’s charging dock which is powered by the same cable that charges the clippers. Keeping them tidy and fully charged ready for the next use. Simple things like this really do add to the overall quality feel of the device.

Kealive Water Resistant Hair Clipper Set

Kealive Water Resistant Hair Clipper Set

In use, weight plays a big part in the comfort and usability of this type of item, the HC-C01 balance well in hand and are great to use, their contour shape makes them comfortable to hold for longer periods of time.

Vibration levels on hair clippers can become uncomfortable for some. These however operate at a comfortable level, which is not too bad considering you would think that their lightweight construction would cause them to rattle all over the place.

Using them, there was an occasional feeling of “metal blades cut better” but this could have been down to my personal use of standard hair cutting clippers for years. The casual user will likely be more than satisfied.

A 24 months warranty is a big statement and Kealive delivers making the hair clippers even more desirable. Despite the fact you cannot use them whilst connected to the charge lead, which will be a put off for some, the HC-C01 still presents a value package ideal for quick trims or a tidy up.

Kealive Water Resistant Hair Clipper Set