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Kebor Cloud 50W Electronic Cigarette Vape Box Mod Kit

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The Innokin Kebor Vape - Highly recommended whether you are new to vaping or are looking for a replacement mod.

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Recent changes to the law in the UK restrict the sale of e-cigarette tanks to a capacity of no more than 2ml. With this in mind the hunt for a new mod kit should you need one, may yield totally different results to what you may have come to expect in the past.

Not too long ago tanks were available with a much larger capacity than the current UK law allows, vaping kits now available may feel a little restricted. The restriction in size however, doesn’t necessarily mean a reduction in quality or vaping experience. There is a mass amount of choice available on the vaping scene with each provider focusing on different features or styles to capture the market. Whichever you do choose, make sure to give the Innokin Kebor Cloud 50W Vape Kit a serious look when deciding on a purchase.

Kebor Cloud 50W E Cigarette Vape Box Mod Kit - Innokin Kebor Vape

The Kebor Cloud 50W e-cigarette however is a dark horse. The reason for this statement is there are a few novel features that stand this vape kit out from the crowd.

To start, the kit itself has everything you need to get you started and keep you going. In the box, you receive a 0% nicotine strawberry flavour juice, two drip tips (mouthpiece), a rubber drip tip cover, 2 coils one of which is pre-installed, a USB charge cable the battery mod and tank. Also included are replacement rubber seals for the tank and drip tip plus printed instructions to guide you along the way.

Kebor Cloud 50W Electronic Cigarette Vape Box Mod Starter Kit - Quick Look

The Kebor Cloud 50W E-Cigarette Vape Box Mod Kit - Highly recommended whether you are new to vaping, or are looking for a replacement mod with a few novel features that stand this vape kit out from the crowd.

One of the first features that struck out is the inclusion of a OLED screen on the device. The sheer clarity of the included OLED screen ensures that voltage readings, remaining battery charge and other “geek” info is clearly displayed and can be read easily. For me, this is a welcome change to some of the vaping kits that I have utilised previously. If comparing the screen quality to lets say the Kangertech Subox Mini the Kebor vape screen clarity and readability surpasses it.

Kebor Cloud 50W E Cigarette Vape Box Mod Kit - Kebor Cloud 50W Review

Whilst on the topic of the screen – the display of the Kebor Cloud outputs multiple values such as Ohms, remaining battery life, selected wattage which can be easily adjusted, volts in use and the duration in seconds that the fire button is held for. All of the information displayed proves useful, especially the remaining battery icon in combination with the cleaver LED warning system for remaining charge you wont be caught out with a dead battery.

Now, the Mod itself has to be one of the most compact mods I’ve seen with a tank. Small enough to fit discreetly in your hand whilst vaping, but decent enough in size to access all functions and buttons easily. There are three buttons on the mod, the fire button which is the largest of the three then the plus and minus buttons for the wattage.

These two buttons are activated by holding the one required down until the wattage on the OLED display flashes. You can then continue to either increase or decrease the wattage as required. When you fire the mod there is a green LED light that lights up for as long as you hold the button down, duration in seconds is shown on the screen. This LED indicator will go from orange to red depending on remaining battery life or act as an indicator whilst the kit is charging.

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Kebor Cloud 50W E Cigarette Vape Box Mod Kit - Innokin Kebor Review

Mods usually have a tendency to be pretty heavy, however this is not the case with the Kebor Cloud. The lightweight, sturdy construction of the mod means that it will not weigh down your pockets. In addition, the compact size means that this vaping kit will easily slip into a shirt pocket or purse which only enhances the appeal for all.

Aesthetically, this is a nice looking piece of kit. The Matt Black finish looks stylish with contrasting silver buttons set on a glossy front panel. Not that you necessarily buy a kit for its aesthetics although it does add to the overall wow effect when it looks good too. Should you be bored of a standard black look, the kit is also available in a cool white finish.

Kebor Cloud 50W E Cigarette Vape Box Mod Kit - Kebor Vape

The functionality and ease of use with the Kebor Cloud kit is what will appeal to most. It’s the little things that make the difference and Kebor has provided us with a few . The tank which is 2ml now the maximum size currently allowed under UK law is a little quirky in comparison to what other manufacturers deliver. The tank on this mod fills from the top where other tanks usually fill from the bottom making things so much simpler, you’ll no longer have to remove the tank from the battery mod to fill it with your favourite e-liquid. Opening the tank is done with a unique push down and turn motion similar to a child safety cap on medicine bottles.

Kebor Cloud 50W E Cigarette Vape Box Mod Kit

As with most mods, alternative parts can be simply swapped out. Thanks to the mod’s 510 standard screw connection different combinations of batteries and tanks you may already own can be created. The supplied drip tips are easily to pull off and interchange as and when required. Particular about hygiene, the provided rubberised drip tip cover fits snugly around the tank with an attached lid that covers the drip tip ensuring it is kept clean from dust and pocket fluff when not in use.

Battery life is usually a major concern for this type of item depending on how frequent you vape, with the wattage you are using also playing a factor. The built in 1300 mAh battery should last the casual vaper a whole day while more vigorous users may find this a little short lived.

E Cigarettes Starter Kit, Innokin Kebor 50W Electronic CIG Vape Leak Proof Top Refill Cloud Vapour with Liquid Mini Box Mod 2ml Sub Ohm No Nicotine - Black V2018

One gripe concerning the battery is that the micro USB charge port is directly at the bottom of the battery mod so must be laid flat when charging. This is no way affects the usage of the mod but is a personal preference of mine to have the charge port elsewhere. Counteracting this down point though is the fact that the mod can be used whilst charging if required so I suppose the cable being om the bottom could be a good idea in this scenario.

Overall, we found this to be a really good piece of kit. For the price, it is well worth it and cheaper than some of the competitors. It is one that we could recommend whether you are new to vaping or are looking for a replacement mod.
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Kebor Cloud 50W Electronic Cigarette Vape Box Mod Kit
Kebor Cloud 50W Electronic Cigarette Vape Box Mod Kit
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