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Kinesiology Tape With Free Ebooks & Exercise Bands

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Great quality Kinesiology Tape for aid with sporting injuries supplied with Free eBooks & 3 exercise bands.

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As my husband has reached an age where he is now concerned about his fitness, strains and pains are now common place with him during his fitness activities. At the moment he has a re-occurring shoulder injury from lifting weights and was looking for something that could help ease the pain/provide support.

Hearing about how Kinesiology tape can help recovery from injury and provide pain relief it was an obvious choice. The tape lifts the skin slightly when applied increasing circulation allowing swelling and pain to ease faster, if the tape is placed over joints it will assist in their motion whilst providing increased stability without limiting motion.

Kinesiology Tape With Free Ebooks & Exercise Bands

Kinesiology Tape With Free Ebooks & Exercise Bands

This Olympic quality Kinesiology tape with its waterproof adhesive formula will keep the tape in place even during the most active water sports and features hypertonic stimulator technology with lymphatic drainage qualities.

Included in the package are 2 free eBook downloads which are excellent sources of information. One of the books is a guide on how to use and apply the tape to various parts of the body. Detailed instructions on how to tape up a shoulder or applying shin splints bracing are just a few of the provided guides.  The tape itself is easy enough to apply and the roll seems quite long (approx 15ft) so there should be a good number of applications.

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The added bonus of this pack is that it also comes with a set of 3 exercise bands which will allow you to exercise at home without any additional equipment. This is where the other free eBook comes into play with beginner and advanced exercises for total full body workouts with the accompanying bands.

Kinesiology Tape With Free Ebooks & Exercise Bands