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Feature packed, Ultra HD large screen dash cam, makes a real big difference when playing back footage and navigating menus on the device.

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I found out the hard way the consequences of not having a dash cam in my car when it came to proving who was at fault in a recent accident. In addition nowadays there are so many stories about people crashing into you on purpose in my opinion dash cams are no longer a nice to have but a necessity when driving. The dash cam provides the evidence and peace of mind should you be unlucky enough to require it.

This car camera provides everything you need both with hardware and accessories to ensure it is always ready and available when you need it but also ensuring that the video is easy to take off when required.

The MAISI ULTRA HD Dashcam (M60) provided a really good first impression and the build quality feels quite sturdy. The camera and accessories came very well packed in the box alongside a set of instructions. I have to say at this point the instructions are comprehensive, clear and concise and well written and easy to understand. This is nice to see and is testament to the quality of the item itself.


What I initially liked about the device was the screen size. The 2.4″ colour display made accessing the menus and viewing the footage extremely easy.

The dash cam is very lightweight which to be fair is expected in a device like this and I found it extremely quick and easy to install in my car.
Alongside the camera I received the charge lead which can be plugged into the cigarette lighter port, the data cable to transfer files to another device like a laptop for example and the suction stand to stick the camera to your windscreen. It is suggested that the camera is placed behind your mirror not only for best field of vision but also to make sure that your view is not blocked.

The camera doesn’t come with a memory card which is a shame as this is the only thing stopping it from working right out of the box. However, Micro SD Cards can be purchased for a few pounds and this camera supports up to 32GB.


The loop recording feature of the camera allows you to continually film throughout your journey without running out of space as it simply continues to overwrite the oldest part of the footage to allow for the new footage to be recorded. The only exception to this is the collision detection that automatically saves to the Micro SD card and is protected when the camera detects an accident. In my opinion this is the most important function. By making sure that collision detection is enabled you can rest assured that should any incidents occur the footage will be captured, stored and protected. The G Sensor (Collison detector) can be adjusted from low, medium or high as if the sensitivity is set incorrectly for your vehicle then you could find that footage is captured when going over a bump or pot hole for example.

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The recorded footage is exceptionally high quality and video recording is clear in both the day and night times. I found that the camera recorded clearly enough in the standard HD mode 1920 x 1080P however if you prefer you can also bump up the quality to 2560 x 1080P. The still images are again very clear and this comes in very handy should you have an accident to take any still images required of damage etc to aid with your claim. The still image quality is 13 megapixels.

The automatic start /stop feature is perfect if like me you can sometimes forget to turn it on as the camera starts to record when the car engine is turned on. You can also start / stop recording easily by simply pressing one button.


Most of the essentials like date and time can be saved on the footage. It would be a nice touch to be able to input your vehicle registration on the footage. It is not essential but again a nice to have.

The user friendly menus are very intuitive and navigation of the menus is simple. The menus allow you to change date / time, enabling time stamp, change video resolution, amend photo resolution, LCD settings, Motion Detection etc


The camera also has driver fatigue alert which can be turned on and off in the menu but I haven’t been on a long enough journey to warrant the use of this function. Audio recording can also be activated or deactivated as required.

The menu can be accessed by the buttons on the front of the device. These buttons are responsive and feel quite solid when used.

The wide angle 150° lens offers a wide aspect view of the road ahead. The IR filter in the lens assists in providing great footage on a nighttime. As mentioned earlier the 2.4inch screen is larger than most other dash cams and the larger screen makes a real big difference when playing back footage and navigating menus.



This dash cam is fantastic. It is feature packed, can be played back on a TV through the HDMI port, data transferred easily through the USB port and provides exceptional footage both night and day. The larger screen clinches it for me and one I’d recommend you buy as it provides good value.