Masione Bluetooth Car Stereo MP3 Player With FM Radio

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With its low price point and bag full of features, the Masione Bluetooth Car Stereo is easy to use and includes most fitting so you cant go wrong.

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First off, I have to say that the Masione Bluetooth Car Stereo MP3 Player With FM Radio is a bargain. Pound for pound you will be hard pressed to get so many features for so little money.

When the stereo arrived my first impressions were that it was quite light and I was a little concerned about this. My old car stereo was a Sony about 6 years old and cost about 6 times as much as this one. The Masione Bluetooth stereo is not as heavy as the old one but technology has moved forward and that could be the reason.

The stereo itself came fairly well packaged and has everything you need to fit into the car straightaway. Having never fitted a stereo before I was amazed at how easy it was to install. It took less than ten minutes to remove the old one and fit the new one securely. Most of that time to be fair was spent trying to get the old one out.

Included in the box was the stereo head unit itself, the remote control – the listing states that the battery wasn’t included but mine had the battery pre-installed I just needed to remove a small piece of plastic for the battery to make contact with the remote. A user manual is also supplied which although fairly comprehensive was not really needed to install the system.

I have been using various wires and devices to try and get easy access to my music as my old stereo wasn’t Bluetooth. Had I known firstly, how cheap you could get a Bluetooth stereo for I would have purchased this a along time ago. Having a wide variety of music in my car is now as simple as inserting a USB stick. No hassle.

The head unit itself has a large colour LCD screen which is fairly bright and the additional size makes it easy to see whilst driving. This unit doesn’t have a CD which for me isn’t an issue as most of my music is digital now, so it saves me a job of copying onto CD and having my car strewn with CD’s and holders. Its amazing how much less clutter there is in my car now since installing this unit.

The Bluetooth on the stereo pairs really easily and comes ups as “Car BT” in your phones Bluetooth settings. I have tried to make calls through the stereo and it works perfectly fine. However, I personally don’t use this function everyday as I have a separate Bluetooth headset but its great to know I have a back up. However, through the same connection playing music from my phone was extremely simple with no connection issues.

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What I really liked about this unit was the not only the multiple formats that it can play but also the fact that you can utilise multiple media sources. I have successfully used a Bluetooth device, SD cards and a USB sticks and also the standard 3.5mm AUX port and this unit handled all of these with no problems.

The sound quality from the unit is really good. It offers a deeper bass than my old unit when the sound selection is put on “Rock”. The only thing I would say about the sound profiles is there wasn’t a lot to choose from but for the low price point you cannot expect all of the features you would get in a £200 stereo.

The pre-set radio buttons were simple enough to set up and the system picked up various stations with ease and maintained the memory pre-sets.

Masione Bluetooth Car Stereo MP3 Player With FM Radio

Masione Bluetooth Car Stereo MP3 Player With FM Radio

The stereo handles various audio types with ease. I have tried MP3, WMA and WAV files which all worked. M4A files seem to be unrecognised but to be fair to Masione in the manual, it does state that the stereo cannot accept this file type but it was worth a try.

The unit itself has a few handy buttons especially when you have hundreds of songs on one device / USB stick. The random button is a great addition to shuffle up the playlist so you are not hearing the tracks in the same order every time. In addition you can skip 10 tracks at a time either backwards or forwards by pressing the relevant button. You can also as normal skip back or forth one track at a time with the skip buttons.

When in use if the files used are tagged correctly the system will show the artist, album and track information scrolling across the screen.

There is also a clock function on the stereo which for me is handy as my internal clock in the car went many moons ago.

The remote control is handy although would prove difficult and illegal to use when driving, it is perfect for the passengers in the car and amongst other things allows you to select a track by specific number.

Overall, I cannot fault this stereo. The low price point, the bag full of features and the ease of use and fitting you cant go wrong.

Masione Bluetooth Car Stereo MP3 Player With FM Radio

Masione Bluetooth Car Stereo MP3 Player With FM Radio
Masione Bluetooth Car Stereo MP3 Player With FM Radio
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