MGCool Explorer 2 – The Voice Controlled 4K Action Camera

Time will tell but this could possibly be one of the coolest cameras – ever!

Action Cameras are fast becoming a must have item, prices vary greatly so competition in the market has been heating up over the past year or so with a wide range of devices to cater for the needs of the more adventurous among us…

With budget in mind, various manufactures are starting to release their own versions of what they think will be viable alternatives to the proclaimed king of the hill action camera – GoPro.

What’s great about these cameras, if you have never used one is their sheer versatility. Now everything you need can fit in your pocket or mounted elsewhere on your body or bike, or skateboard, or car… Well you get the picture.

One such manufacturer MGCOOL is soon to release what may be some serious competition –

Meet the MGCOOL Explorer 2

MGCool Explorer 2 - The Voice Controlled 4K H.265 recording Action Camera

Information from MGCOOL states that the Explorer 2 high-end camera will include amazing features such as voice controls allowing hands free operation and an LCD touch screen, both of which will greatly improve the usability of such a camera especially in extreme conditions.

Additional features include 4K H.265/HEVC video recording at 30fps meaning smaller file sizes with incredibly sharp footage at higher quality rates.

Anti-shake technology and gyroscope sensors are also included, along with GPS recording and waterproofing up to 30 meters with a special waterproof cover. These functions will be exciting to see in a camera of this type, making it one to look out for in the very near future.

MGCool Explorer 2 - The Voice Controlled 4K H.265 recording Action Camera

Bold orange or black are the colour options available, whilst its stunning 2″ HD multi-touch LCD screen design is an excellent addition allowing you to set shooting parameters directly on the Explorer 2’s screen.

As stated the MGCOOL Explorer 2 has built in EIS primary electronic anti-shake technology, used to accurately track action shots to effectively avoid camera jitter and blur whilst recording your footage. This type of functionality is found in some of the more expensive action cameras available and will be interesting to see how the Explorer 2 will fair at the same task.

MGCool Explorer 2 - The Voice Controlled 4K H.265 recording Action Camera

MGCool Explorer 2 – The Voice Controlled 4K H.265 Action Camera

MGCOOL are not new to the industry so should not be overlooked. For over 4 years they have released cameras that have gained the admiration of their customers. One which comes to mind is the original MGCOOL Explorer sporting features such as a Sony IMX 179 sensor, Ultra HD display and WiFi connectivity making it an extremely capable device.

Now with the imminent release of the Explorer 2 with features that are stated to be comparable to the GoPro 5 it is nice to see a good competitor come in at hopefully what should be a fraction of the price.

Click here to view the MGCOOL Facebook page for more info.

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