SuperFish – Nano Aquarium Heater Review

7.5 Total Score

Starting your first aquarium or setting up a small tank for your little ones. This functional SuperFish nano aquarium heater is perfect for a smaller tank.

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I bought this heater for a 12 litre tank for a betta fish about 3 months ago. I wasn’t sure if it would be right for my needs but was pleasantly surprised that it fitted in the tank perfectly.

Its a good little heater that does exactly what it says and automatically adjusts the temperature in the tank to the level I had originally set it. The only downfall to the heater is that the product info “sticker” (see image that shows nano heater 50w) is stuck inside the heater so cannot be removed. It looks kind of unsightly in the tank but can be hidden with plants and decoration. Even with this minor irritant I would still highly recommend this heater.

SuperFish - Nano Aquarium Heater

SuperFish – Nano Aquarium Heater Review
SuperFish – Nano Aquarium Heater Review
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