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TeckNet – 3 Port HDMI Switch With Remote Review

8 Total Score
Very Fuctional

Quickly solves the issue of not having enough HDMI ports for your TV. The added bonus of a remote control makes switching easy.

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My first impressions of this TeckNet – 3 Port HDMI Switch With Remote is that it is smaller than I originally expected. I don’t know why but I did expect it to be bigger. Smaller than a credit card in size and just over 1 cm thick this switcher is very inconspicuous.

The HDMI switch came packaged in a small cardboard box which included the switcher box, the remote control, instructions and a card to register for an extended warranty making the warranty two years instead of Tecknet’s normal 18 months.

TeckNet - 3 Port HDMI Switch With Remote - Review - Sound & Vision

Now this little box is going to save me a lot of big missions… when I say me I mean my husband. We have two HDMI ports on our TV and multiple devices that we connect through the TV. For example, the Sky TV box, the Xbox, the PlayStation and the Android TV box. The Sky box being permanently connected we have to pull out our whole unit which is over 5 foot tall every time we want to change a device. So for me this device is perfect. Being a three port switcher this provides me with an additional two HDMI ports so I have 4 usable in total which covers all of the devices used in the living room.

It was really simple to use. Literally, just plug your devices in and plug the switcher in to your TV and off you go.

This switcher box does exactly what it says and shows a green light when in use. There is a manual switcher button should you ever lose the remote.

TeckNet - 3 Port HDMI Switch With Remote - Review - Sound & Vision

TeckNet – 3 Port HDMI Switch With Remote – Review – Sound & Vision

This is a great little HDMI switcher which has solved a big problem in my house. Works well and is discreet. The only way I think this could have been improved is if a HDMI lead was included but to be fair I didn’t expect one so I wasn’t disappointed. One downside that I can think of is that the unit has to be in sight so the remote control can work this is a minor as it is so small and expected from a remote device.

Overall, I am really impressed and would definitely recommend this to anyone with a shortage of HDMI slots.

TeckNet - 3 Port HDMI Switch With Remote