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Vacuum Storage Bags – Jumbo 6 Pack Review

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Great value premium jumbo sized vacuum bags, with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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What I really liked about these Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags initially was the size of them. They are large enough to store my additional throws and spare quilts etc away for a while when not is use. Also being constructed of anti-microbial materials mean you won’t have to worry about the long-term effects of storing your precious items in an air-tight bag. With additional features such as being anti-mildew, anti-mold, while also being watertight make these bags great value overall allowing them to be used under various conditions.

The bags can hold quite a lot as the manufacture states that they have up to 80% more room than similar items and in practice seems about right. I found that once all of the air is removed by vacuum they would shrink down to almost nothing. Storage is a problem in my house as I am sure it is the same for many others so wherever we can gain extra room we will take it.

Vacuum Storage Bags – Jumbo 6 Pack – Review – Home & Garden

The bags had more of a quality feel in comparison to the ones that I have used before so I am confident that they will be durable enough and hold out quite a while before re-inflating. So far it has been two weeks and they are showing no sign of re-inflation which is great, they have already out performed previous versions I have used before. If the bags are cared for correctly as outlined within the caution notes that are listed on the back of the packaging, there should be no reason for them not lasting a very long time and can be re used many times whilst still out performing others.

I also liked the fact that these bags offer a free travel pump with the package so again when going away you can take a lot more stuff and use way less bag space and just manually pump out the air with the supplied pump on your way back form your travels. Depending on how long you are going away for potentially you could get away with just taking a hand luggage case instead of checking in a bag. Saving precious time at the airport on your arrival.

All in all these are a higher quality bag than I have tried before and the manufacturer offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied – I would recommend these vacuum bags.

Vacuum Storage Bags - Jumbo 6 Pack

Vacuum Storage Bags – Jumbo 6 Pack Review
Vacuum Storage Bags – Jumbo 6 Pack Review
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