Vandesail Waterproof Bluetooth Headset Review

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Excellent sound quality and clarity, better than some of the more expensive brands. Features and accessories are top notch.

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Presented in a high quality Vandesail branded zipped clam shell type case, this was a welcome surprise and made this Bluetooth Headset even more value for money. The branded case means that I would not hesitate in providing these earphones to anyone as a gift as they really do look good.

Vandesail Waterproof Bluetooth Headset - Review - Sound & Vision

What’s In The Case

Upon unzipping the case there is a mesh compartment on the top of the case that housed the product and the remainder of the things were housed at the bottom.

In the case itself there was: –

1 x Waterproof Bluetooth Headset
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
6 x Silicon Replaceable Earplugs – to suit various ear sizes.
6 x Silicon Ear Hooks


These little earphones are feature packed. The features include: –

1. WATERPROOF (amazing)
2. Battery Low Voice Indication
3. Power On / Off Voice Indication
4. Voice Dialing
5. Inline Remote Control With Volume, Play / Pause, Next / Previous Song
6. 20 Minute Inactivity Auto Shut Off
7. Answer / Disconnect Call and Last Number Redial By Inline Remote

Vandesail Waterproof Bluetooth Headset – Review – Sound & Vision

First Impressions

On first inspection, the earbuds and all of the components are of a very high quality and definitely have a premium feel in comparison to other ones I have tried. What I thought was different about these and also a great design aspect is that the back of the earbuds are magnetic. This serves several purposes:-

1. When being stored they can be held together to stop the wire from tangling
2. When worn around your neck and not in use they can clip together to ensure that you do not lose them.

This makes them perfect for any sports or leisure activities or generally just getting along with the housework and listening without disturbing other occupants and having wires dangling everywhere. They have a 30 feet or 10m Bluetooth range.

For the first time today I showered with earphones in and what an experience. Dues, my shower was three times as long, I sung three times as loud but I was just happy to hear music in the shower. They withstood the water from the extra long shower and came out untarnished and still working perfectly. I don’t see why these wouldn’t work whilst swimming but I cannot 100% say that this is viable as I haven’t used them whilst swimming. I can wholeheartedly say that they would be fine in a downpour which with how the UK weather is at the moment is important to know. If you are going to shower or get wet with them on make sure that the charge port is fully closed.

The fact that they have their own branded box is great as it means I can store the cables and extra earplugs and ear hooks etc safely in the case making the charger easy to find when needed.

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Before using them make sure that they are fully charged to get the most out of the product. Charging time for the product is stated at about 1-2 hours which is in line with what I found when charging the product initially.

To charge, you need to lift up the small green flap on the top of the right earbud and insert your supplied USB cable. Whilst they are charging the inline remote has a white LED light that indicates that charging is in process. Once the charging has finished the light indicator will turn off.

It is stated that you get 7 – 10 hours of music play back time, 7 – 10 hours of talk time or a standby of 240 hours. As I personally have used these intermittently I couldn’t give an exact amount of time for usage – but the times indicated seem about right (I haven’t left them standing for that long so cannot comment on the standby time but based on my usage I don’t see why that wouldn’t be correct also).

Instruction Booklet

The instruction booklet is in English and is very self explanatory with easy to follow instructions which is always a bonus if you have never used a product like this before.

Device Pairing

Pairing the device was simple enough – if you have not paired a Bluetooth device before the instructions are easy to follow.

The earbuds show up under your Bluetooth settings on your mobile / device as “X5” and you are greeted with a voice saying “connected”. To disconnect, turn off Bluetooth on the phone. Again you are instructed that the Bluetooth has been “disconnected”. Using the headset for the next time is simple enough by turning on Bluetooth on your device this automatically re-connects them.

I have tried these on several mobile devices including a HTC and a Windows Smart Phone finding that the pairing and use is flawless.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is great. Once in ear I can hear no outside noise and the clarity of the music playing is crisp and clear. They deal with bass levels really well – far too many times I have had earphones distort with heavy bass and this really destroys the vibe of the music. This has not happened with these. I have tried various genres of music and they stand up to the genre test easily.

In my opinion I can say that the sound quality and clarity of sound from these earphones are better than some of the more expensive branded ones I have experienced in the past.


These earbuds are a great purchase – they deserve every single one of the 5 stars I have given them and I would highly recommend them.

If you are looking for a pair of earbuds to serve you whilst training, for general day to day use or even to take a shower in these are the ones you need.

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Vandesail Waterproof Bluetooth Headset Review
Vandesail Waterproof Bluetooth Headset Review
£39.99 £49.99
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