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VicTsing Waterproof 1080p 12MP WIFI Action Camera

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Highly versatile fun action camera - an excellent alternative to the more expensive devices of a similar nature.

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The VicTsing Eyepro Waterproof 1080p 12MP WIFI Action Camera is certainly a dark horse. Being extremely well presented in its premium grade packaging, the exterior does not even begin to prepare you for what is inside.

Upon opening the main box you are presented with a further three boxes embellished with the VTIN logo, two of which are accessories for the camera and one for the camera itself. The presentation of this pack is at such a standard that you would not hesitate in giving this item as a gift.

VicTsing Waterproof 1080p 12MP WIFI Action Camera

In this small box is a massive amount of kit – and you are truly getting value for money especially when comparing this item to the more expensive Go Pro kits of a similar nature where the accessories alone would cost more than this whole camera and accessory kit combined.

What’s In The Box

(taken from Amazon listing) : –

VTIN Camera with Built-in 2-inch HD LCD Display, Switch Support 1, Switch Support 2, Switch Support 3, Fixed Base, Bicycle Stand, Adapter, Base, Data Wire, Wire Rope, Ribbon, Bandage, Back Clip, Waterproof Case, 3M Adhesive Tape, Clip, Mount, Batteries x 2, Wiper, User Manual

Although when all of the kit is out of the box I am sure there is more included than is stated above.

VicTsing Waterproof 1080p 12MP WIFI Action Camera


One of the main things that stands out about the VicTsing Eypro as with other similar types of sports camera is the great versatility of it – unlike a DSLR or other digital camera where you are restricted in usage scenarios because of their size and weight the Eypro can fit almost anywhere and there is surely a mount, strap or sticker included with the pack to attach it safely.

So whether you are an adventurer, an active sports person, or simply want a dash cam for your car this camera can function in all of the above scenarios and more.

With its built-in WIFI Function for Wireless Connectivity, you can easily transfer images and video footage to your smart phone or tablet.

VicTsing Waterproof 1080p 12MP WIFI Action Camera

Storage / SD Card

You will need to get a new Micro SD card as one is not included with the pack – a minimum of Class 6 is suggested by the manufacturer but Class 10 is recommend as its has much faster read/write speeds – this is what was used when testing the camera. The maximum size SD card that the Eypro can handle is 32 GB so ensure your card is no larger than this.

Image & Video Quality / Resolution

The Eyepro has a 170 degree wide angle fish eye lens  enabling you to capture a wide variety of still images as well as some awesome HD video footage. With its 6 layers of HD glass you do not need to adjust the focus on the camera when shooting – making it great for people that have little or no photography experience.

Resolution for a camera of this size is fantastic on still images ranging up to 12 mega pixels with video resolution in full HD at 1080p @ 30 FPS. Video footage can also be filmed in lower HD 720P quality at either 30 or 60 FPS. This combination of lower resolution with higher FPS is perfect for action shots. The Eyepro can also capture time lapse footage in 2, 5 and 10 second intervals.

ISO Sensitivity, Exposure Compensation, White Balance, Image Sharpness etc can all be adjusted to get the desired output. Images and video in good lighting conditions come out very well however, when using in low light or at night the image quality is not as great and noise can be seen on the footage. To be fair, with this camera at the current price you should not expect to have full night shot etc. etc. take it for what it is – which is a highly versatile fun action camera.

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Battery & Charging

Supplied with 2 x 1050 mAh batteries, this is something that I personally haven’t come across before as usually most devices come with one battery and you either have to hope for the best or rely on a power bank for power on the go. This allows peace of mind with not having to worry about running out of battery life during your shoot.

Charging time is approximately four hours and you will get about 90 minutes of 1080P filming time as an estimate – these times are stated by the manufacture and in use seem to be about right.

Whilst charging the camera it can still be used to record video, so if you have a power bank with you this allows the versatility to give you even more shooting time on the go.

Ports & Buttons

There is the main “OK” button at the top of the Eyepro which is used for taking pictures, shooting video as well as confirming menu selections within the camera interface. Looking at the Eyepro face on, on the right hand side it has up and down buttons which are used for menu navigation, volume control and when held down they can also be used for zooming. The up button can also start the cameras WiFi mode allowing you to connect it to your mobile phone (more about this later). On the left hand side is the HDMI output slot enabling you to connect the Eyepro directly to a TV or monitor. On the same side there is also a Micro USB slot which enables you to charge the device. Finally there is the power button on the front of the camera.

VicTsing Waterproof 1080p 12MP WIFI Action Camera

VicTsing Waterproof 1080p 12MP WIFI Action Camera

Housings & Accessories

The Eypro comes encased in a waterproof housing which can be removed providing a snug tight fit ensuring the camera does not get damaged when being used under water, spare parts for this feature are also included. In addition there is a multitude of different fixtures, brackets and fittings including accessories for attaching to bike handle bars, helmets etc. This kit allows a myriad of usage possibilities. The only visible thing that was missed from this pack is a carry pouch for the camera – but for what you get for the money you cannot really complain.

Camera App (Final Cam)

Although this camera can be used with both Android and iOS for the purpose of this review an Android phone has been used.

Once the Eypro is connected via WiFi through the free to download app “Final Cam” there are several things you can do. Firstly, you can see the live view of the camera directly from your phone screen as well as changing the video and still image resolution directly from the app itself. Depending on what or where you are filming you may need to see a little more detail than what the 2 inch screen on the back of the Eyepro can offer so making this feature invaluable.

Full control of the camera can be achieved through the WiFi function combined with the app. The Eyepro has a wireless range of about 50 feet (15 meters), allowing you to start video recordings or snap pictures all from your phone creating many usage experiences especially if strapping the camera to your dog or child for example – joking aside the possibilities are endless and are left to the imagination.

Overall, the VicTsing Eypro is definitely a camera that I would recommend without hesitation. With everything that is included for the price it is amazing value for money, has great build quality and is an excellent alternative to the more expensive devices of a similar nature.

VicTsing Waterproof 1080p 12MP WIFI Action Camera

VicTsing Waterproof 1080p 12MP WIFI Action Camera
VicTsing Waterproof 1080p 12MP WIFI Action Camera
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